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Kristian Pettyjohn

A high functioning minimalist, I seek to live by the core values of love, contentment, humility, gratitude and generosity. Each month I take to the road to explore the best biking, hiking and camping spots in Central Oregon and beyond.


Armed with a Subaru Outback, two bikes, four solar panels and a rooftop tent I explore the realities of living and working on the road and off-grid, be it for a few days or a few months, offering tips on everything from how to regular showers to how to find the ideal campsite.

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Kristian Pettyjohn



Bend, Oregon United States

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Trail Reviews

Bend, Oregon hiking trail guide.

6 Lakes Trail

NFS Trail 14 / 5 miles RT / scenic lakes / excellent running / easy hiking / buggy on trail

The Quick-N-Skinny

A relatively quick hike with the main attraction being Doris Lake. As the name implies, the trail is dotted with high meadow brooks, small lakes and two larger lakes.


The Good

Relatively flat. Beautiful lakes, some high meadows and lush forest.


The Bad

It's a bit of a drive for what I would consider a 3.5 star hike.


The Ugly

Hellish bugs. While the high meadows are nice, if you go in early Summer don't expect to sit around and enjoy the views very long, however, the lakes are far less buggy and worth the effort